Company "Compressor Technology" delivers compressors and spare parts: 

Reciprocating compressors

Screw compressors

Mobile compressor stations

In the "Compressor Technology"  you will be able to get: 

Reciprocating, rotary screw compressors, mobile compressor stations, equipment for air, transmission, measurement and control, consumables, spare parts for compressors.

The catalog of the delivered compressor inventory:

Turbocompressor CZ Strakonice (Czech Republic) and their analogs

Turbocompressors: S14-127-01, S14-194-01, S14-174-01, K27-523-02, S14-196-01, K27-179-01 , S14-174-01 etc. spare parts for compressors
Piston and modular compressor sets Compressors: 305VP-16/70, 305VP-30/8, 2VM4-24/9, 2VM4-27/9, VP3-20/8, 7VP-20/220 , 7GP-50/80 , VP-50/8 etc. spare parts for compressors
Piston and screw compressors Compressors: 2VM10-63/9 , 4VM10-100/9 , 4VM10-120/9 , 4VM10-40/70 , 4VM10-54/3 , 4M10-40/70 , 7VP-20/220 etc. spare parts for compressors
Piston and screw compressors of different function Compressors and spare parts for installations S412M, KM1, K29, K29-01, K1, KV7, K11, K12, K23 K24M, K25M, S415M, S415M1, K5, K2, KV15, K30, K22, K20.
Piston, screw compressor sets Series compressors: SB4/S, SB4/F, VK40R, VK50R-7.5, VK120-8.
Piston compressors Compressors:4VU1-5/9, K-5A, 4VU1-5/9M62, 4VU1-7/11M1, 3VS0,6-1/17M1, 2VU0.6-1.0/7.3 etc. spare parts for compressors
Compressor sets Compressors and spare parts to installations: 202VP-10/8 , 302VP2-10/8 , VP2-10/9 , VP2-10/9M, VP2-10/9M , VP-20/8M , VP3-20/9 , 7VP-20-220 , 2GP-4/5 , 2GP-6/18 etc.
Screw compressors Type compressors DEN, KV, with the diesel, electric and frequenciest drive.
Mobile screw and piston air compressor sets Compressor sets PKS, PKSD. Screw and piston KS, KU. Spare parts.
The screw Fini compressors for workshops and the larger enterprises Compressors BSC, CUBE, Rotar plus2010, MEGA, GIGA. Spare parts.
Piston, ABAC screw compressors (Italy) The screw Abac compressors are presented by several principal series – Spinn, Genesis and Formula. Spare parts to them
Diesel mobile ATMOS compressors, electric compressors Mobile diesel compressors of any efficiency, Albert E compressors. Spare parts to them.
Screw, piston, mobile compressor stations Compressors mobile, screw, diesel for structural, roadwork.