About company "Compressor Technology"

Company "Compressor Technology" specializes in the manufacture and supply of compressor, vacuum, oil industry equipment, spare parts for compressors according to specifications of the materials steel, cast iron, fluoroplastic , non-ferrous metals.

The main direction of the company:

- Compressor, vacuum, pumping equipment.

- Production of spare parts for compressors.

- Casting Industry of cast iron and non-ferrous metals (bronze, aluminum, brass) on the customer's specifications.

- Metal machining (turning, milling, grinding, stamping, electroerosion ,galvanic processing).

- Repair of compressor and vacuum equipment.

Our company offers a wide range of spare parts for compressors, pumps of  own production.

The aim of "Compressor Technology":

- Modernization of industrial and construction companies through the supply of modern, high-quality, high-tech equipment.

- Delivery of the equipment in the shortest possible time . 

- This warranty and real service.

- Consultation and technical  support  the client in the process of its equipment.

- Offer only the best and cost-effective solutions.

- Continuous improvement of the company's work  and  the application of advanced technologies in the field of sales and the provision of  services to consumers.

Our experts will advise you on each group of compressors, will give recommendations for the selection and further use. Mobile teams of service professionals will make the preparation and launch of the compressors. If necessary, perform overhaul and repair at the customer premises.

Our company also has the ability to deliver to your address any spare parts, accessories and supplies for the equipment, most parts available in stock.

 As the urgency of the order, we try to ship the products in the shortest time for you (have our own trucks for delivery of emergency).

Our company supplies:

 - Stationary piston compressor units (lubricated and unlubricated cylinders  and packing glands) to compress air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and explosive gases capacity of 1.5 to 100 Nm3 / min and a pressure of 4 to 300 atm .;

- mobile (self-propelled, wearable) and stationary compressor stations with low, middle and high (up to 250 atm.) pressure to compress the air and to receive and compressing the nitrogen (purity up to 99,995% ), for use in oil and gas and other industries, requiring the creation of an inert atmosphere . Station recommended by Gosgortechnadzor of Russia to Protection against fire and explosion at the  drilling, development and repair of gas and oil wells, opening the product recovery, repair and testing of pipelines, tanks and equipment operated with a potentially explosive environments;

- screw compressor units with capacities from 0.5 to 100 Nm3/min, a pressure of from 6 to 35 atm.;

- Carbon dioxide plants UVZHS type, intended for stationary industrial plants for the production of liquefied carbon dioxide and pouring it into carbon dioxide cylinders with a capacity of 40-50 liters at a pressure of 55-75 kgf / cm2 or for dry ice in the ice form of blocks of 200h200h850 mm and weight 42-44 kg;

- Gas separation membrane systems and units;

- Spare parts;

- Industrial and artistic casting of cast iron and non-ferrous metals (bronze, aluminum, brass) on the customer's specifications; 

- Metal machining (turning, milling, grinding, etc., stamping, electroerosion,  galvanic processing).