The insert is important and integral renewals for many elements of a piston compressor or a compressor set (station). Inserts are subdivided on rod and main.

Inserts are used for preservation of operative condition of necks of a shaft on which inserts are established.

Insert are made of graphite, bronze, bimetallic, fluoroplastic depending on applicability in compressor inventory.


Installation of inserts:

It is necessary to establish density of an adhering of the interfaced insert joints, after a bearing inhaling clearance gage of 0.03 mm. in the socket between inserts should not pass.

Use for greasing of strongly polluted compressor oil, and also when using oils of the epiploons and cylinders intended for greasing as a rule leads to a short and destructive life of inserts.

In opposite piston compressors slideways with thin-walled inserts are used - which are developed and made on the modern high-precision inventory on expressly developed technology. When keeping service regulations and installations ensure the continuous and reliable duty of compressors. 

Wear of inserts generally depends on quality of the used oil applied to greasing of mechanisms of compressors.  

It is periodically recommended to take checks of compressor oil for further check regarding compliances of technical specifications.  

In the course of use, and also at repair of piston compressors the condition of inserts is checked usually the next ways:

• On temperature of compressor oil at the exit, temperature should not exceed declared in the instruction of the used compressor.  

• On heating of inserts and necks of an elbowed shaft, it is usually checked to the touch, after a stop of a piston compressor.  

• At emergence of shaving and parts of antifriction alloy in compressor oil.  

• At outer inspection of surfaces of antifriction alloy and necks of an elbowed shaft of the compressor. 

The nomenclature of inserts for the Penza compressors:

Designation of an insert Name Weight, kg
1 2 3
Н251-2-2 Bearing bush lower 1,75
Н251-2-2Р1 Bearing bush lower(first repair size) 1,75
Н251-2-2Р2 Bearing bush lower (second repair size) 1,75
Н251-2-3 Bearing bush top 1,74
Н251-2-3Р1 Bearing bush top (first repair size) 1,74
Н251-2-3Р2 Bearing bush top (second repair size) 1,74
Н251-2-4 Bearing bush lower 2,72
Н251-2-4Р1 Bearing bush top (first repair size) 2,72
Н251-2-4Р2 Bearing bush top (second repair size) 2,72
Н251-2-5 Bearing bush top 2,66
Н251-2-5Р1 Bearing bush top (first repair size) 2,66
Н251-2-5Р2 Bearing bush top (second repair size) 2,66
Н265-2-3 Insert 1,38
Н265-2-3Р1 Insert (first repair size) 1,38
Н265-2-3Р2 Insert (second repair size) 1,38

Bearing bush lower Н251-2-2 

Drawing of the bearing bush lower Н251-2-2. 

* - in the free state


Bearing bush top Н251-2-3

Drawing of the bearing bush top Н251-2-3.

* - in the free state


In use and at repairs of the compressor the condition of bearings is checked the next ways:

- on oil temperature on escaping of a frame (it should not exceed specified in the instruction operation of the compressor);

- on extent of heating of bearings and necks of a shaft (it is checked to the touch at once after a car stop);

- on availability of shaving or slices of antifriction alloy in oil;

- by means of outer inspection of a surface of antifriction alloy and necks of a shaft;

- in size of an oil gap between a neck of a shaft and an insert.

Bearing bush lower Н251-2-4 

Drawing of the bearing bush lower Н251-2-4. 

* - in the free state


Bearing bush top Н251-2-5

Drawing of the bearing bush lower Н251-2-5. 

* - in the free state


Insert Н265-2-3 is renewals of a rod of compressors of production " Пензкомпрессормаш"   ("Penzkompressormash") such as 4M10-40/70, 2BM10-50/8, 4BM10-100/8, etc.

The Insert – is the renewals of many design elements of the compressor or the compressor station which is in a stable demand.

Drawing of the insert of H265-2-3 (rod spare part)

Drawing of the insert of H265-2-3 (rod spare part)

* - the size is specified in the free state