Dehumidifiers of compressed air.  Air filters.

The refrigerator and adsorbing dehumidifiers of compressed air.

Air_dehumidifiers_2.pngDehumidifier of compressed air - the device intended for removal of surplus of moisture from pneumatic highways. It is known that practically at any production enterprise compressed air is applied. For receiving compressed air the compressor is used. Any compressor, in not dependence on that, piston it or screw or still any, compresses free air. For removal of vapors of moisture from compressed air it is necessary to use a dehumidifier.

We bring to your attention two series of dehumidifiers of compressed air of OMI firm it:

- Refrigerator dehumidifiers of the ED and HTD series;

- The adsorbing HL series dehumidifiers.

The ED- series dehumidifiers of this series are intended for drying of compressed air with the entering temperature no more than + 35 0C and a dew point + 3 0C. Before a dehumidifier it is desirable to establish a cooler of air and the preliminary QF-I filter of a step, for protection against pollution.

The HTD series - dehumidifiers of this series are intended for drying of compressed air with the entering temperature no more than + 90 0C and a dew point + 3 0C. The dehumidifier of this type is equipped with the firmware cooler, a separator and the preliminary filter. The main advantages are: compactness, economy of the electric power since a power consumption occurs only during air drying, possibility of installation at once on escaping of the compressor.

Air_dehumidifiers_1.pngThe HL series - the dehumidifiers of the adsorption type providing a dew point - 20 ° C - 40 ° C. The principle of action of the adsorption dehumidifier is based on a high blotting capacity of an express adsorbent. Due to cyclic work and possibility of regeneration endurance of the adsorbing element can reach till 5 years. For avoidance of premature pollution it is necessary to install filters of the QF, PF and HF series before a dehumidifier. Besides, in the course of drying air can contain a small amount of particles of an adsorbent therefore after the adsorption dehumidifier installation of the filter of the QF series is recommended.

There are dehumidifiers with various dew point. In order that it is correct to pick up a dehumidifier it is necessary to define possible minimum environment temperature where will pass the pneumohighway. Dew point of a dehumidifier has to be some degrees lower to avoid possible condensate in the pneumohighway. Hot compressed air from the compressor, coming to a dehumidifier at first passes through the heat exchanger where there is a preliminary fall of temperature, then by means of  freon air is cooled up to the given temperature. As a result of fall of temperature of couple of moisture are condensed and automatically are removed by means of an electronic condensate trap.

Besides, at a choice of a dehumidifier it is necessary to consider that factor that air from the compressor often happens very hot therefore it is recommended to establish before a dehumidifier a cooler of compressed air, water or air type.


Filters of compressed air.

The compressed air coming from the compressor to a pneumonetwork contains a large amount of dust, an emulsion, and different solids which are soaked up by the compressor from the atmosphere. These impurity extremely negatively influence work the pneumatic inventories. For purification of air of mechanical impurities use the edge filters of compressed air.

There are some main schemes on placement of dehumidifiers of compressed air at the enterprise. The most inexpensive option, is the centralized scheme of installation of a dehumidifier, it means and the centralized system of supply with compressed air, it means that one compressor provides with air all enterprise. In that case, after the compressor the preliminary coarse filter is established and the dehumidifier which will carry out drainage of compressed air on all production is connected. But the increasing popularity is received by the decentralized systems of supply with compressed air. In these systems the enterprise does not eat from one compressor, so it does not need a larger network of pipelines.

As a rule there are some main types of dehumidifiers of compressed air: refrigerator and adsorption dehumidifiers of air. The refrigerator dehumidifier of air is established to production rooms, and also on the street where environment temperature does not fall below, than + 3C, and the pneumonetwork is not in the negative temperatures. In these conditions the dehumidifier perfectly carries out the functions. The refrigerator dehumidifier is economical in the consumption plan of electricity.

The second type of dehumidifiers is the adsorption. The adsorption dehumidifier of compressed air is arranged in any other manner, in comparison with refrigerator. The adsorption dehumidifiers are established where the pneumatic system passes through a surrounding medium which can have rather low temperatures, and great demands are made of compressed air. On the design, the adsorption dehumidifier represents two vertical towers. Both towers of a dehumidifier are filled with an adsorber -  will most often be applied a silica gel. The dew point of such dehumidifiers makes - 70C. For the adsorption a dehumidifier qualitative air is required.