Company "Compressor Technology"  makes piston rings of ГОСТ 9515-81 дfor compressors from materials: cast iron, steel, fluoroplastic (4K20).

We make piston rings according to drawings of the customer. 

Diameters of the made piston rings from 20  to 800 mm. 

On all made production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.

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Piston rings — it is not closed rings which densely are put in flutes on external surfaces of pistons in piston engines, such as internal combustion engines or steam engines.

Piston rings represents the cutting metal ring (usually rectangular section) established in piston flutes. Diameter of a ring in the free state is more than diameter of cylinder. At input in the cylinder the ring contracts and thanks to characteristic elasticity densely adjoins to cylinder walls on its circle, except for the narrow channel, formed by a section (lock) of a ring.

Depending on the functional purpose the piston rings applied in compressors can serve for maintaining of a compression (seal rings), for maintaining of the exact circulation of oil (oil scraper rings) and providing a rigorous kinematics of interaction of the relative frame clusters (guide rings).

Depending on appointment and properties of the working (compressed) gas piston rings can be made of cast iron, bronze with various excipients, plastic, fluoroplastic with coke as an excipient (4K20), a grafitoftoroplast (АФГ-80ВС, АФГМ)...

Piston rings have three main functions:

1. Consolidation (potting) of a combustor (or expansion chambers).

2. Improvement of a heat transfer through a cylinder wall.

3.  Greasing flow control.

The gap between the ends of a piston ring contracts to several thousand shares of centimeter when the piston is installed in the cylinder.

The nomenclature list of the let-out piston rings:

Designation of ringsApplicability in compressorsD, mmb, mmt, mm
Ring piston У22х40х25402ВП-4/400 6 step224,02,5
Ring piston У25х40 х25--254,02,5
Ring piston У28х40х25402ВП-4/400 5 step284,02,5
Ring piston У30х40х25--304,02,5
Ring piston У34х40х25402ВП-4/400 2ВМ4-8/401344,02,5
Ring piston У42х40х25--424,02,5
Ring piston У48х40х25402ВП-4/400 402ВП-4/220484,02,5
Ring piston У50х40х252ВМ4-8/401504,02,5
Ring piston У58х40х23--584,02,3
Ring piston У62х40х225УП--624,02,25
Ring piston У68х40х25 УП402ВП-4/400684,02,5
Ring piston У70х40х25 УП--704,02,5
Ring piston У75х40х275 УП--754,02,75
Ring piston У80х40х30 УППКС1,75(3,5,5,25)804,03,0
Ring piston У85х40х32 УП--854,03,2
Ring piston У100х40х35 УП305ВП-16/70,2ВМ4-8/4011004,03,5
Ring piston У110х40х40 УП--1104,04,0
Ring piston У115х40х40 УП--1154,04,0
Ring piston У120х40х425 УП--1204,04,25
Ring piston У125х40х425 УП402ВП-4/4001254,04,25
Ring piston У140х40х50 УП4ВМ10-40/701404,05,0
Ring piston У160х40х55 УП--1604,05,5
Ring piston У160х60х55 УП--1606,05,5
Ring piston У165х40х55 УП2ВМ4-8/4011654,05,5
Ring piston У170х40х60 УП--1704,06,0
Ring piston У175х40х60 УП--1754,06,0
Ring piston У180х50х65 УП--1805,06,5
Ring piston У190х50х65УПВП10/8, ВП10/91905,06,5
Ring piston У200х70х65УП2ВМ2,5-12/9, 2ВМ2,5-14/92007,06,5
Ring piston У215х60х70УП402ВП-4/4002156,07,0
Ring piston У220х60х75УП--2206,07,5
Ring piston У230х60х75УП103ВП-20/82306,07,5
Ring piston У240х60х80УП--2406,08,0
Ring piston У250х70х80УПВП3-20/9, 2ВМ4-27/9, 2ВМ4-24/92507,08,0
Ring piston У270х70х85УП305ВП-16/702707,08,5
Ring piston У280х80х90УП--2808,09,0
Ring piston У285х80х90УП--2858,09,0
Ring piston У290х80х90УП--2908,09,0
Ring piston У300х80х90УПВП10/8, ВП16/9,2ВМ4-8/4013008,09,0
Ring piston У305х80х90УП2ВМ2,5-12/9, 2ВМ2,5-14/9, ВП10/93058,09,0
Ring piston У320.80.95УП2ВМ2,5-12/9, 2ВМ2,5-14/93208,09,0
Ring piston У350х100х100УПВП50/835010,010,0
Ring piston У360х80х105УП--3608,010,5
Ring piston У370х80х105УП2ВМ10-50/8,2ВМ10-63/9,4ВМ10-100/8,4ВМ10-120/93708,010,5
Ring piston У400х90х115УПВП20/8, ВП20/94009,011,5
Ring piston У420х90х120УП2ВМ4-24/194209,012,0
Ring piston У430х90х120УП--4309,012,0
Ring piston У450х90х130УП2ВМ4-24/94509,013,0
Ring piston У470х90х130УП305ВП30/8, 205ВП30/84709,013,0
Ring piston У500х90х140УП305ВП16/705009,014,0
Ring piston У530х100х150УП--53010,015,0
Ring piston У550х100х155УП--55010,015,5
Ring piston У600х100х170УПВП-50/860010,017,0
Ring piston У620х100х170УП2ВМ10-50/8,2ВМ10-63/9,4ВМ10-100/8,4ВМ10-120/962010,017,0
Ring piston ПУ140 89-1-5-6с4ВМ10-40/701404,05,0
Ring piston ЛУ140 89-1-5-6с--------
Ring piston ПУ190 89-1-4-5с4ВМ10-40/701904,05,0
Ring piston ЛУ190 89-1-4-5с--------
Ring piston ПУ200 Н202-1-474ВМ10-50/712005,0
Ring piston ЛУ200 Н202-2-47--------
Ring piston ПУ330 Н202-1-194ВМ10-40/703305,0
Ring piston ЛУ330 Н202-2-19--------
Ring piston ПУ370 Н202-1-224ВМ10-50/71, 2ВМ10-50/8, 2ВМ10-63/9, 4ВМ10-100/8, 4ВМ10-120/93708,0
Ring piston ЛУ370 Н202-2-22--------
Ring piston ПУ520 43-3-2-2--------
Ring piston ЛУ520 43-3-2-2--------
Ring piston ПУ600 89-1-1-3с4ВМ10-40/7060010,0
Ring piston ЛУ600 89-1-1-3с--------
Ring piston ПУ620 Н250-1-334ВМ10-50/71, 2ВМ10-50/8, 2ВМ10-63/9, 4ВМ10-100/8, 4ВМ10-120/962010,0
Ring piston ЛУ620 Н250-2-33--------