The all-cast valves

All-cast uniflow valves

All-cast uniflow valves

We make spare parts according to drawings of the customer.

On all made and delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.

All-cast uniflow valves (Valves ЦПК) are intended for process control of gas distribution in piston compressors of a general and special purpose with a crankshaft rotation frequency to 25 c-1 at a pressure drop on the valve to 4 MPas (40 kgf/cm-2). The pressure drop on the ЦПК valve depends on its standard size and is specified in marking of the valve. For example: ЦПК150-2,5 - the all-cast uniflow valve, landing diameter 150mm, a pressure drop of 2,5 MPa (2,5 kgf/cm-2).

LLC "Compressor Technology"  is the producer of ЦПК valves for compressors of a general and special purpose, and also valves for refrigerating compressors.

The list of the made all-cast valves ЦПК :

Name Name
Valve ЦПК 85 - 4,0 Valve ЦПК 155 - 2,5
Valve ЦПК 100 - 2,5 Valve ЦПК 165 - 2,5
Valve ЦПК 110 - 3,0 Valve ЦПК 180 - 1,6
Valve ЦПК 125 - 2,5 Valve ЦПК 180 - 1,2
Valve ЦПК 150 - 2,5 Valve ЦПК 220- 1,6


After receiving valves, before their installation on the compressor, valves are exposed to outer (visual) inspection regarding damages during transportation. After survey valves aerate compressed, pressure not less than 0,05 MN/m2. In the assembled valve check freedom of movement of plates and springs in valve housing cracks, and also reliability of fastening of lock levels. Movement of plates and springs is checked from a gas discharge and can be made by the tool providing preservation of a wholeness of plates and springs. As each ЦПК valve (ПКЦ valve) can serve as the soaking-up and pressure valve, it is necessary to watch closely its exact installation in landing nests of the cylinder of the compressor. Installation of valves in a nest is made without distortions, on a paronit or asbestos gasket.


ЦПК valves for compressors are subject to survey during scheduled tasks (technical service) of the compressor where the complete dismantling of the valve and washing of details has to be made. Washing of details of the valve can be made by any neutral liquid. For more accelerated cleaning of a deposit to use a scrubbing, not metal brush. Then to wash out details in hot water and to blow a stream of compressed air. Dismantling of  ЦПК  valves is made by extraction of lock levels from grooves, thus access to plates and springs of it opens to assemble the valve and once again to blow compressed air. All defective details should be replaced new of the ЗИП(spare tools and accessories). During removal of a deposit from details of the valve it is necessary to use not metal tools not to damage details. If on details traces of a big wear are visible, such details are subject to replacement.