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Motor Company "Compressor Technologies" realizes electric motors (rotors, casings) for series compressors: ВП, 2ВМ4, 2ВМ2,5, 305ВП, 3ГП, 4ВМ10, 4ВУ1 etc. On all delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided. We deliver electric motors for compressor, oil, pumping, structural equipment. Electric motors common industrial: А; АИР by power from 0,75KWH to 200KWH. Explosion-proof electric motors: ВА; ВАР by power from 3,0KWH to 30KWH.

On all made and delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.

lentochniekl.pngTape (strip) valves are widely used in piston compressors of different function. Tape valves, strip valves of low and middle pressure. Design their simple and they not expensive. Are most often applied in high-speed refrigerating and gas compressors (small and average output), the speed of which rotation of an elbowed shaft to 1500 turns/min. For manufacture of plates the high-quality steel spring tape is used. Tape (strip) valves are made various designs, both individual, and combined.

Tape (strip) valves happen more various, than shpindel or ring. The strip valve consists of strips of thin steel which close a round or rectangular opening of the valve. Some strips place in parallel each other to close larger channels. Tape (strip) valves happen to separate strips or reliably fastened on the one hand. The tape valve consists of a saddle, several steel strips and a holder. Flexible metal plates are located on cracks in the valve and adhere a holder. Plates can be bent under pressure as they are not fixed at the edges. The principal advantage of such valve consists that mild plates easily open, providing the larger area of a stream.

Tape (strip) valves are often used as pressure valves. The plate of the valve is kept in place by the sprung spring. It is curved in the center that allows a plate to be unbent up and to rise. At edges of a plate there are openings in which the directing are established. Cylindrical springs press a plate to an opening. At such device of edge of a plate can horizontally move when it is bent in the center. Tape (strip) valves of the compressor pass steam of coolant as the lifted valve is not enough for the admission of fluid coolant or oil. The sprung spring is also safety device for protection of the compressor against damage to a case of hit of fluid coolant or oil in a valve opening.

We make the following list tape valves:

Name Name
Valve АУ45-Ц20-01/00В Valve СБ401-3-2
Valve ЛУ100-2,5 TROP Valve СБ401-3-3
Valve ЛУ100-2,5 Valve 304-168-СБ12
Valve ЛУ110-1,6 Valve 304-168-СБ13
Valve ЛУ110-1,6-01 Valve 304-168-СБ14
Valve ЛУ110-1,6-02 (386.438.000-02) Valve 304-98-25-00
Valve ЛУ110-1,6-03 (386.438.000-03) Valve 304-39-06М
Valve ЛУ125-1,6 Valve 304-39-07М
Valve ЛУ150-1,6 Valve 304-127-1-4М
Valve ЛУ155-1,6 Valve 304-127-1-5М
Valve ЛУ180-1,6 Valve
Valve АУ200-Ц20-03-00М Valve
Valve АУ200-Ц41-00М Valve
Valve ФУ175-Ц20-03-00М Valve
Valve ФУ175-Ц41-00М Valve 386.427.000
Valve АО1200-ЦСБ08-6А Valve 386.428.000
Valve АО1200-ЦСБ08-7А Valve 386-452-000
Valve 302-6-01-07-3П Valve 386-453-000
Valve 302-6-01-08-3П Valve 386-450-000