The disk


Disk valves are used in piston compressors with greasing and without greasing of cylinders, the speed of which rotation of an elbowed shaft to 2500 turns/min., and a pressure drop – to 25 MPas. Depending on working conditions disk valves are made with metal or plastic plates. Most often disk valves with plastic plates are used in compressors to compression of the aggressive or strongly polluted gases where operation of valves of other types is less reliable. Plastic plates are made from high-quality, blow - the strong and wear-resistant polymers reinforced by fiber glass. When using disk valves with plastic plates temperature of the compressed gas decreases by 10-15 °C, noise level decreases by 5-8 dB. For the purpose of increase of longevity and reliability disk valves can be made with one or several (to 3) damping plates.

Automatic disk valves with plastic plates, from high-quality synthetic material, are intended for the piston compressors compressing the hydrogenous, polluted and  coke gases where other types of valves work unsatisfactorily. Plastic plates during the work stick to sealing and limitative surfaces less, plates become covered by a deposit and various coke products less, and hit of solids between plates and sealing surfaces does not cause breakages of plates as material of which they are made, more elastic, than steel plates and therefore disk valves during the work do not worsen the density (leakproofness), the longevity of valves thereby increases. On a temperature schedule of work of a plate happen three executions: on 180 °C, 200 °C, 250 °C.

The disk valve with plastic plates is used on compressors, where a pressure drop on the valve no more than 200 atm. and turns of an elbowed shaft no more than 1000 turns/min. The longevity of operation of such valves depends on specific conditions of work, on extent of pollution of the compressed gas, rotation frequencies of an elbowed shaft and several times are exceeded by longevity of disk valves with metal plates. The disk valve with steel plates is intended for air and gas piston compressors with greasing and without greasing of the cylinders operated in the wide range of pressure. Plates of disk valves are executed in the form of the disk supplied with arc windows for gas pass. Such plates allow to increase a flow section in the valve, to reduce height of raising of a plate and by that to improve technical and economic an indicator of the compressor.

At the plant there is a program of calculation of dynamics of disk valves that allows to receive the highest technical and economic rates of valves taking into account an external environment and design features of the compressor.

The design of disks of the valves working without sliding friction of plates is developed for piston compressors without greasing of cylinders. The disk valve can be used instead of uniflow ПИК (PIC) valves.

The main advantages of disk valves, in comparison with the ring:

- provide necessary reliability of operation of compressors, especially at their operation in the aggressive and polluted environment, where operability of valves of other types the very low;

- a larger flow section with identical landing diameters.

We deliver the following list of disk valves

Name Name
Valve ВДД 70-4,0ВС 
Valve НДД 70-4,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 125-2,0ВРС 
Valve НДТ 125-2,0 ВРС
Valve ВДТ 76-1,0ВС 
Valve НДТ 76-1,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 76-1,0ВС 
Valve НДТ 76-1,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 76-1,0ВС 
Valve НДТ 76-1,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 76-1,0ВС 
Valve НДТ 76-1,0ВС
Valve 1ВДД 110-4,0ВС 
Valve 1НДД 110-4,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 160-4,0Р 
Valve НДТ 160-4,0Р
Valve ВДТ 125-4,0В 
Valve НДТ 125-4,0В
Valve ВДТ 160-4,0ВР 
Valve НДТ 160-4,0ВР
Valve ВДТ 125-4,0С 
Valve НДТ 125-4,0С
Valve 1ВДТ 165-2,5ВРС 
Valve 1НДТ 165-2,5ВРС
Valve 1ВДТ 125-4,0ВС 
Valve 1НДТ 125-4,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 165-2,0Р 
Valve НДТ 165-2,0Р
Valve 1ВДТ 155-4,0ВС 
Valve 1НДТ 155-4,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 165-6,4Р 
Valve НДТ 165-6,4Р
Valve ВДТ 160-4,0В 
Valve НДТ 160-4,0В
Valve ВДТ 175-1,2ВРС 
Valve НДТ 175-1,2ВРС
Valve ВДТ 160-4,0С 
Valve НДТ 160-4,0С
Valve ВДТ 175-2,5ВРС 
Valve НДТ 175-2,5ВРС
Valve 1ВДТ 160-4,0В 
Valve 1НДТ 160-4,0В
Valve ВДТ 180-4,0РС 
Valve НДТ 180-4,0РС
Valve 1ВДТ 165-4,0ВС 
Valve 1НДТ 165-4,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 192-2,0ВРС 
Valve НДТ 192-2,0ВРС
Valve ВДД 180-4,0ВС 
Valve НДД 180-4,0ВС
Valve ВДТ 192-2,0РС 
Valve НДТ 192-2,0РС
Valve ВДТ 192-4,0В 
Valve ВДТ 192-4,0В
Valve ВДТ 220-1,0Р 
Valve НДТ 220-1,0Р
Valve ВДТ 220-4,0 
Valve НДТ 220-4,0
Valve ВДТ 220-2,0Р 
Valve НДТ 220-2,0Р
Valve ВДТ 220-4,0В 
Valve НДТ 220-4,0В
Valve ВДТ220-2,5ВР 
Valve НДТ220-2,5ВР
Valve 1ВДТ 220-4,0В 
Valve 1НДТ 220-4,0В
Valve ВДТ 220-4,0Р 
Valve НДТ 220-4,0Р
Valve ВДТ 250-4,0С 
Valve НДТ 250-4,0С
Valve ВДТ 250-0,6ВР 
Valve НДТ 250-0,6ВР
Valve 1ВДТ 85-4,0ВРС 
Valve 1НДТ 85-4,0ВРС
Valve 1ВДТ 250-1,0ВР 
Valve 1НДТ 250-1,0ВР
Valve 1ВДТ 110-2,0 ВРС 
Valve 1НДТ 110-2,0 ВРС
Valve ВДТ250-5,0РС 
Valve НДТ250-5,0РС
Valve 1ВДТ125-2,0Р Valve 1НДТ125-2,0Р