Spare parts for reciprocating refrigeration compressors

Spare parts for reciprocating refrigeration compressors

P-110, P-220, P50, P80, PB40, FV6, FU12, 1P10


Crankshaft 026.190.000 (complete)

Crankshaft 036.191.004

Connecting rod assy 026.160.007

Connecting rod bolt 026.188.005

Connecting rod bushing upper 026.185.004

Connecting rod insert MKH-10001A N1, nominal (shaft journal d 92.25-0.04-0.08 mm)

Buffer sleeve P-110; 2P-110; P-220

Belleville buffer spring ND80-40-2-3

Sleeve 026.007.007

Sleeve 083.007.002 (2nd stage)

Piston 026.181.006

Piston 066.181.004

Piston 066.182.001 (2nd stage)

Piston pin 026.183.000

Finger lock 026.182.003

Oil pump complete 026.060.004

Oil seal spring 026.152.000

Oil seal ring 026.157.005 (steel)

Oil seal ring 026.140.005 (graphite.)

Roller bearing housing 026.192.004.

Roller bearing cup 026.011.001

Gear wheel 026.069.007 (oil pump drive)

Gear 026.195.005 (shaft)

Gear 026.197.009 (intermediate)

Idler pinion roller 026.196.002

Flange 026.204.002 (intermediate gear)

Pressure flange 026.193.001

Water spacer 026.014.007

Spring of the reducing valve AU200-29-10K

Sight glass in the case 026.090.007

Gas filter 026.520.005

Coarse filter 026.100.001

Filter element at the outlet of the oil separator

Element of the filtering filter for fine oil purification 026.110.002

Flywheel lock washer 60.01 901.120.010

Crankshaft lock washer 72.01 901.120.020

Connecting rod-piston group assembled VE-6/13 1 stage

Connecting rod and piston group assembly VE-6/13 2 stages

Valve NKH44

Valve VKH28

Valve plate NKH 44.002

Valve plate VKH 28.003

Valve spring NKH 44.003

Valve spring VKH 28.004

Suction valve guide flange

Suction valve with guide flange, VKH 28N

Suction valve with guide flange VKH 28R

Roller bearing 53618 (main)

Bearing 202 (intermediate gear)

Piston ring U115х3х4.8 (gray cast iron SCh20-25) GOST 9515-81

Piston ring M115х6х4.8 (gray cast iron SCh20-25) GOST 9515-81

Piston sealing ring (plastic), U115, 026.166.009

Oil scraper piston ring (plastic), М115, 026.167.006

O-ring expander, 026.168.003

Oil scraper ring expander, 026.168.016

Rubber ring 016x020x25 (oil pipe)

Rubber ring 125x130x36 (sleeve)

Rubber ring 90x100x58 (oil seal)

Rubber ring 80x90x58 (oil seal)

Coupling elastic element 400 x 90, 90323.006

Set of gaskets P-110

Set of gaskets P-220

Gasket 026.273.002 (side)

Gasket 026.272.005 (top)

Gasket 026.274.009 (front)

Gasket 026.283.003 (under the sleeve)

Paronite gasket under the cover and under the gland disk P220

Safety valve for P110 026.170.008

Safety valve for P220, 036.170.005

Safety valve spring, 026.179.001

Mounting ring for installing the piston P110, P220

Flywheel for P110 compressors. P220

Oil separator for P110-65MO