Stations the lubricating  multiby-pass.  Lubricator

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The lubricator – is the device intended for supply of compressor oil (greasing) through the oil highway (station of greasing) to the rubbing surfaces of a piston compressor and branch of the warmth which is marked out thus with a particular pressure and temperature. The lubricating system has to provide removal of the products of a wear arising in the course of a sliding friction not to allow adjournment on the greased surfaces of products of decomposition or oxidation of lubricants.

The list of the made lubricating stations.

NameDrawing designation
1Lubricator31-04-2 УХЛ4
6Station lubricatingя31-04,   32-04
7Station lubricatingя31-08,   32-08
8Station lubricatingя31-12,   32-12
9Station lubricatingя41-02,   42-02
10Station lubricatingя41-04,   42-04
11Station lubricatingя41-08,   42-08
12Station lubricatingя41-12,   42-12

Stations the lubricating multiby-pass Stations the lubricating multiby-pass are intended for supply of fluid lubricant with a rated pressure of 10 MPa, a kinematic viscosity from 10 to 1500 mm2 /s with to the rubbing surfaces of the cars working in the enclosed space at a temperature of lubricant and a surrounding medium from +1 °C to +55 °C.

Generally the station consists (drawing  1) of the case 10, pump sections 1 and the drive. The housing of station serves as the tank for lubricant and base for installation of all clusters and details.

On a forward wall of a housing pump sections and oil the index are established. In sidewalls of a housing the shaft with cams is mounted on bearings. On the one hand the shaft is closed by the cover 2, on the other hand the drive is located. 

In sidewalls the openings for lubricant drainage closed by traffic jams 11 are executed. For fastening of station at installation in the bottom of a housing fixing openings are executed. In the  cover of 4 cases the 5th filters are placed air  16 and jellied.

(drawing  1) Station the lubricating multiby-pass 31-04-2 УХЛ4



Identification number of lubricating station:

Station 31–04–2 УХЛ4, where:

1 – execution as the actuating unit :

   1 - with the free end of a shaft;

   2 - with the vibrating drive;

   3 - with a reducer;

   4 - with the electric drive.

1 - an arrangement of the actuating unit concerning the device of a direct vision:

     1 - right,

      2 – left

04 number of branches:

02, 04, 08, 12;

0 - arrangement of an output shaft of a reducer:

1 - up with shift to a back wall of a housing;

2 - down with shift to a forward wall of a housing;

3 - forward at the top;

4 - back at the bottom;

5 - down with shift to a back wall of a housing;

6 - forward bottom;

7 - up with shift to a forward wall of a housing;

8 - back at the top;

0 - for executions with other types of drives

УХЛ – climatic modification and category of placement on ГОСТ15150:

- for the countries with a temperate climate – УХЛ4;

41 for the countries with tropical climate – О4.1.