Stations the lubricating  multiby-pass.  Lubricator

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The lubricator – is the device intended for supply of compressor oil (greasing) through the oil highway (station of greasing) to the rubbing surfaces of a piston compressor and branch of the warmth which is marked out thus with a particular pressure and temperature. The lubricating system has to provide removal of the products of a wear arising in the course of a sliding friction not to allow adjournment on the greased surfaces of products of decomposition or oxidation of lubricants.

Лубрикатор создаёт взвесь масляных капель в условиях сжатого воздуха. В ряде устройств нужно пропускать данную смесь через маслоотделитель, который уберет масляные капельки, попавшие в смесь в поршневом компрессоре.

Compressor lubricators

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Today in lubrication technology there are many "small" devices to facilitate the operation of moving parts and extend the life of bearing assemblies. One such invention is single point lubricators. This invention is indispensable for the point lubrication of units with low lubricant consumption. By installing the lubricator at the lubrication point, you can increase the interval between service monitoring of the machine assemblies. When designing systems with lubrication stations, it is necessary to provide for the availability of free space for placing the device, as well as to protect it from physical damage.

An oil lubricator system is recommended for the lubrication of compressor pistons and spools.

Recommendations for the use of compressor lubricators

It is important to constantly monitor the quality of the oil in the lubricator tank, because the use of poor quality oil or contaminated oil can shorten the compressor life or completely destroy it.

It is important to install the lubricator only after complete dehumidification. This is done to ensure that no condensate or air vapors get into its inlet, which can lead to a breakdown of the lubricator or its incorrect functioning.

Automatic lubricator

Few beats lubrication accuracy, ease of implementation, and safety of use. Automation is capable of both solving issues related to occupational health and safety in the workplace, and a number of problems accompanying improper lubrication. Errors made by service personnel during lubrication are responsible for about 36% of premature bearing failures. If we also take into account the impact of pollution, then the aggregate figure will be more than 50%. The impact that proper lubrication and a clean operating environment have on bearing life is clear.

Using the appropriate equipment, it is possible to provide lubrication not only to bearings, but also to guides, chains, lead screws, as well as cables and open gears.

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The Compressor Technologies company offers to buy a lubricator for the compressor. Experienced specialists of our company will professionally select for you the necessary equipment that meets the highest requirements.

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The list of the made lubricating stations.

NameDrawing designation
1Lubricator31-04-2 УХЛ4
6Station lubricatingя31-04,   32-04
7Station lubricatingя31-08,   32-08
8Station lubricatingя31-12,   32-12
9Station lubricatingя41-02,   42-02
10Station lubricatingя41-04,   42-04
11Station lubricatingя41-08,   42-08
12Station lubricatingя41-12,   42-12

Multipass lubrication stations Multipass lubrication stations are designed to supply liquid lubricant with a nominal pressure of 10 MPa, kinematic viscosity from 10 to 1500 mm2 / s on the rubbing surfaces of cars operating in an enclosed space at a lubricant and ambient temperature from +1 ° C to +55 ° FROM.

In general, the station consists (Figure 1) of housing 10, pumping sections 1 and a drive. The station body serves as a lubricant tank and a base for the installation of all units and parts.

The pump sections and oil gauge are installed on the front wall of the housing. A shaft with cams is mounted on bearings in the sidewalls of the housing. On the one hand, the shaft is closed by a cover 2, on the other side there is a drive.

In the sidewalls there are holes for grease drainage, closed with plugs 11. For fixing the station during installation, fastening holes are made in the lower part of the body. Air filter 16 and filler are placed in the cover 4 of the 5th filter housing.

(Figure 1) multi-pass lubrication station 31-04-2-4



Lubrication station identification number:

Station 31-04-2 UHL4, where:

1 - execution as an executive device:

1 - with a free shaft end;

2 - with a vibrating drive;

3 - with a gearbox;

  4 - with the electric drive.

1 - an arrangement of the actuating unit concerning the device of a direct vision:

     1 - right,

      2 – left

04 number of branches:

02, 04, 08, 12;

0 - arrangement of an output shaft of a reducer:

1 - up with shift to a back wall of a housing;

2 - down with shift to a forward wall of a housing;

3 - forward at the top;

4 - back at the bottom;

5 - down with shift to a back wall of a housing;

6 - forward bottom;

7 - up with shift to a forward wall of a housing;

8 - back at the top;

0 - for executions with other types of drives

УХЛ – climatic modification and category of placement on ГОСТ15150:

- for the countries with a temperate climate – УХЛ4;

41 for the countries with tropical climate – О4.1.