Valve ring

The valve ring The valve ring are intended for air, gas compressors, the speed of which rotation of an elbowed shaft to 1500 turns/min., and a pressure drop to 25 MPas. Valve ring.

kolcevklapan.png The valve ring consists of a saddle with concentrically the located openings and ring bleeders for pass of gas, ring plates, the limiter of raising of plates which also has concentrically the located openings for pass of gas and a bleeder which serve directing for plates. In the limiter of rise the springs pressing plates to a saddle and closing the valve are located.  All ring valve will be pulled together with the hairpin located in the center. Depending on mission of the compressor body details of ring valves are made of cast iron, steel or non-ferrous metals, a plate and a spring from express high-quality by the staly. For increase of reliability of operation of valves platter impact absorbers or the damping devices in the form of gas chambers are used.

The valve ring is a part of filter configuration and is intended for creation of consolidation between flushing tubes and the shank bore of a pipe of a zumpfer, and also ensuring flow of fluid on the hole field between them only in one direction. A fluid flow from the hole annulus through circulating windows of the core and the valval mechanism formed by the lock which is drawn in by a spring to the bottom of the core, wringing out a lock, passes to the shank bore of flushing tubes. Consolidation of the hole field is carried out by the cuff established in a removable insert, intended for work with flushing tubes with a diameter of 33, 42, 48 mm. Circulation loss leads to closing of the valval mechanism. For increase of reliability of valves body details of valves are made of steel, and a plate and a spring from high-quality by the staly.

The valve ring is useful when use of uniflow valves is impossible. Depending on mission of the compressor, Body details of ring valves are made of cast iron, steel or non-ferrous metals, a plate - from express high-quality staly.

The valve ring prime and reliable therefore it is used most often. Depending on a necessary flow section the number of rings of the valve can be from one to four, and sometimes and more. For the direction of rings the aligning ledges serve in the limiter of rise.

We deliver the following list of ring valves:

List of ring valves List of ring valves List of ring valves
Valve ВКТ70-4,0 Valve 386.677.000-М Valve НКТ140-16,0М
Valve НКТ70-4,0 Valve 386.676.000-М Valve ВКТ155-4,0М1Б
Valve ВКТ70-4,0 (троп. исп.)   Valve НКТ200-1,0   Valve НКТ155-4,0М1Б
Valve НКТ70-4,0 (троп. исп.) Valve Сб.27-107А Valve ВКТ160-6,4МБ
Valve ВКТ70-2,5В Valve Сб.27-108А Valve НКТ160-6,4МБ
Valve НКТ70-2,5В Valve Сб.27-109А Valve ВКТ165-4,0М
Valve ВК1-8-В Valve Сб.27-110А Valve НКТ165-4,0М
Valve НК1-8-В Valve ВКТ40-25,0М2 Valve ВКТ180-2,5МБ
Valve ВК1-85-В Valve НКТ40-25,0М2 Valve НКТ180-2,5МБ
Valve НК1-85-В Valve ВКТ50-10,0М2 Valve ВКТ180-2,5М1
Valve 2ВК1-10-В Valve НКТ50-10,0М2 Valve НКТ180-2,5М1
Valve 2НК1-10-В Valve ВКТ50-25,0М2 Valve ВКТ180-4,0М
Valve ВКТ110-1,0 Valve НКТ50-25,0М2 Valve НКТ180-4,0М
Valve НКТ110-1,0 Valve НКТ70-4,0М1Г Valve ВКТ180-6,4М
Valve ВКТ125-1,0 Valve ВКТ70-4,0М1Г Valve НКТ180-6,4М
Valve НКТ125-1,0 Valve ВКТ70-4,0М1Б Valve ВКТ180-6,4М1
Valve 6ВК2-125-В Valve НКТ70-4,0М1Б Valve НКТ180-6,4М1
Valve 6НК2-125-В Valve ВКТ70-10,0М1 Valve ВКТ180-10,0М
Valve ВК3-150-В Valve НКТ70-10,0М1 Valve НКТ180-10,0М
Valve НК3-150-В Valve ВКТ85-4,0М2Г Valve ВКТ200-2,5МБ
Valve ВКТ160-10-М Valve НКТ85-4,0М2Г Valve НКТ200-2,5МБ
Valve НКТ160-10-М Valve ВКТ85-4,0М2 Valve ВКТ220-0,4М
Valve ВК3-165-В Valve НКТ85-4,0М2Г Valve НКТ220-0,4М
Valve НК3-165-В Valve ВКТ90-6,4М2 Valve ВКТ220-2,5М
Valve ВКТ125-10,0МБ Valve НКТ90-6,4М2 Valve НКТ220-2,5М
Valve НКТ125-10,0МБ Valve ВКТ100-6,4М1 Valve ВКТ220-4,0МБ
Valve ВКТ140-6,4М2 Valve НКТ100-6,4М1 Valve НКТ220-4,0МБ
Valve НКТ140-6,4М2 Valve ВКТ100-6,4М1Б Valve ВКТ250-4,0М
Valve ВКХ28НА Valve НКТ100-6,4М1Б Valve НКТ250-4,0М
Valve ВКХ28НФ Valve ВКТ100-16,0М1Б Valve НКХ60АМ
Valve ВКХ28РА Valve НКТ100-16,0М1Б Valve НКХ60ФМ
Valve ВКХ28РФ Valve ВКТ110-2,5М Valve НКХ61А
Valve НКХ44 Valve НКТ110-2,5М Valve НКХ61Д
Valve НКХ44Ф Valve ВКТ110-2,5МК Valve НКХ61Ф
Valve ВКХ51АМ Valve НКТ110-2,5МК Valve 1ФУУ80РЭ-Ц030-000
Valve ВКХ51ФМ Valve ВКТ110-2,5МКС Valve 1ФУУ80-Ц41-00
Valve ВКХ52АМ Valve НКТ110-2,5МКС Valve КК-42
Valve ВКХ52ФМ Valve ВКТ110-4,0М Valve КК-42Л
Valve ВКХ53А Valve НКТ110-4,0М Valve КК-62
Valve ВКХ53Д Valve ВКТ110-4,0МВ Valve КК-62М
Valve ВКХ53Ф Valve НКТ110-4,0МВ Valve КК-80
Valve ВКХ54А Valve ВКТ110-4,0МГ Valve КК-82
Valve ВКХ54Д Valve НКТ110-4,0МГ Valve КК-85
Valve ВКХ54Ф Valve ВКТ110-6,4М Valve 16А
Valve ВКК57-6,0В Valve НКТ110-6,4М Valve 304-98-31-00
Valve НКК57-6,0В Valve ВКТ122-10,0МБ Valve 304-98-34-00
Valve ВКК175-4,0В Valve ВКТ125-1,8МГ Valve 304-98-34-00А
Valve НКК175-4,0В Valve НКТ125-1,8МГ Valve 304-98-37-00
Valve ВКК192-4,0В Valve ВКТ125-4,0МБ Valve КП02.01.00
Valve НКК192-4,0В Valve НКТ125-4,0МБ Valve КП02.02.00
Valve ВКК220-4,0В Valve НКК220-4,0В Valve НКК220-4,0В