Spectral analysis of metal

The laser spectrometer is necessary for carrying out input control of metals. The device in percentage shows what is in a particular alloy iron, nonferrous metal, etc.

Laser marking, protection

We will provide services to protect your products from counterfeits, perform product labeling

Turning and milling operations

Turning and milling operations

Turning and milling work is a technical change in the geometric shape and size of the workpiece. They allow you to manufacture a wide range of parts: shafts, flanges, rings, products according to Your drawings, etc.

Compressor repair

We carry out repair of compressors and other industrial equipment - qualitatively and in the shortest possible time.


Modern compressors belong to the class of high-tech devices, thanks to the efficiency of which many processes take place at the enterprise. Proper installation of the compressor is the most important criterion of its quality work.

Acceptance of crowbar

Reception of non-ferrous scrap metal from individuals and legal entities


Provision of services for transportation/delivery of goods to the recipient in various ways.