Company "Compressor Technologies" realizes electric motors (rotors, casings) for series compressors: ВП, 2ВМ4, 2ВМ2,5, 305ВП, 3ГП, 4ВМ10, 4ВУ1 etc.

On all delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.


On all delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.

We deliver electric motors for compressor, oil, pumping, structural equipment.

Electric motors common industrial: А; АИР  by power from 0,75KWH to 200KWH.

Explosion-proof electric motors: ВА; ВАР by power from 3,0KWH to 30KWH.

Special electric motors: 4АК;4АМН;АИВ;4АМ.

Adjustable electric motors: 4АМН.

Electric motors the asynchronous common industrial: 5А;4АМ;4А;АИР;АНБ power from 37KWH to 400KWH.

Special electric motors: ВАСОМ;4АМ;АИР.

Electric motors asynchronous: А4;ДАЗО;ДАВ;АОД;2АОД power from 250KWH to 1000KWH of voltage 3000V,  6000V and 10000V.

Electric motors asynchronous: АД;ДАН;АН power from  45 KWH to 315 KWH of voltage 380/660V.

Electric motors synchronous: СД2:СДБМ;БСДКМ power from  132 KWH  to 630 KWH of voltage 380V and 6000V.

Electric motors asynchronous for the drive of compressors: А2К;ДАСК.

The electric motor asynchronous for the drive of fans of cooling towers: 2АСВО.

Electric motors the asynchronous crane: 4МТН;4МТНФ.

Devices the thyristor exciting: ВТЕ.

Generators synchronous: СГ2;2СН;ВСГ.

Fans and smoke exhausters: ВГ;ВДН;ДН.

Electric motors for the down-pump drive: АНСКМ.

Explosion-proof engines  ВАО; ВР.

Electric motors explosion-proof, asynchronous, 3 phase, with a short-circuited rotor, extent of protection.

Electric motors multi-speed.

Electromagnetic actuators.

Switches explosion-proof.

Asynchronous electric motors: АИР, АИРМ, 5А, 5АМ, ВА,АМ11.

Special electric motors: А,АИН,АИРС,АИРС,АИРВ,4АВР, АВС,АИ.

Submersible induction motor ДАН.

Engines crane: ДМТГ,ДМТ11,АМТР,АМТКР.

Generators : ДГФ,ГС,ДГС.

Pumps ЭЦВ 4; 5; 6; 8; 10; 12.

Explosion-proof electric motors: ЭДН;ЗВ,ВР;2ЭДКОФ;2В,ВР;ВА02;ВКР;ВАОК.

Electric motors high-voltage 6000 V: АО4, АЭ4, А4.

Electric motors low-voltage 380/660V: АО3.

Electric motors low-voltage 220/380V : АО, АО2, 4А.

Electric motors crane with a phase rotor: АИК.

Electric motors lift 220/380V: 3АН, 4АЛ.

Electric motors uniphase: АШ.

Electric motors multi-speed: А03, А02.

Electric generators synchronous 400V: БГ.

Units converting 400 Hz of 230 V: ПСЧ.