Manufacture of spare parts for compressors:

  1. piston,
  2. screw,
  3. mobile
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We manufacture compressor plants for various purposes and accessories for them
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We make mechanical processing of metal:

  1. grinding,
  2. milling,
  3. turning
Produced by the compressor for various purposes and accessories
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The company "Compressor technology"

LLC “Compressor technology” produces components (parts), supply and repair of high-tech compressor, gas and pumping equipment. 

The company "Compressor technology" You can buy: 

reciprocating, screw compressors, mobile compressor stations, equipment for air treatment, transmission, measurement and control, disposable materials, spare PARTS for compressors. 

We offer a wide selection of parts of its, own production for compressor units: 

4VУ1-5/9M, 305VP-16/70, 2VM4-24/9, 4VM10-100/9, 4VM10-120/9, VP3-20/9, 2VM2,5-14/9, 7VP-20/220, VP-50/8M, 2VM4-24/9, 2VM4-27/9, 305VP-30/8, 2VM4-54/3, 302VP-10/8, 402VP-4/220, 2VM10-50/8 , 2VM10-63/9 and many others. 

We manufacture and supply spare parts for compressors.

  • Manufacture and supply of spare parts for compressors. 
  • Cylinders, Pistons, Crankshafts, Liners, Crossheads, the rods according to customer's drawings. 
  • Liners N251, N265 (K1, R1, R2). 
  • Straight-flow valves Individual valves for compressors. 
  • Piston rings, sealing, oil-scraper (steel, cast iron, fluoroplastic and others). 
  • The lubricator CN41-12, CN41-08, CN31(32)-04, 31-04-2 UHL4 and other . 
  • The finned tubes, Heat exchangers and other items . 
  • The gas coolers MOH, GK, HRP. Gas valves T114, T110, T102, T106, T100, T158. 
  • Gearboxes T610, T600, T616, T608. Individual plate-Line Valve 110, 125, 150, 155, 165, 180, 220, 265 (A, AK, BM). 
  • Repair kits valve for Uniflow Individual Valve, Uniflow Individual Valve plates. 
  • The retaining strap to the valves Uniflow Individual Valve, springs. 
  • Straight-flow valves Individual valves 110, 125, 150, 155, 165, 180, 220, 265 (AM, BM, AGM, ALM, ATM). 
  • One-piece valve-Line Round 85, 110, 125, 150, 155, 165, 180, 220. Valves NKT, VKT, NDT, VDT, KK, LU, FU. 
  • Receivers, air Dryers, oil stations, manometers and many other spare parts and components for compressors.

Experienced specialists of "compression technology" professionally find for you the necessary equipment that meets the highest requirements. And our mechanics will provide timely quality repairs that will ensure smooth operation of the compressor equipment.

At your request, we can supply the above compressor units in a short time, and consumables, spare parts which are always available.