We make gas coolers according to drawings of the customer. On all made and delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.

refrigerator_375x240.pngThe gas cooler – is an integral part of the compressor which basic purpose is cooling of air after compression. Gas coolers are subdivided on trailer, the intermediate and oil. A basis of any refrigerator is the pipe still (heat exchange elements), as a rule they are made of aluminum which are in turn inserted into a housing of the refrigerator and pressured up.

The list of the made refrigerators for compressors of series 4ВМ10, 2ВМ2,5, ВП, 305ВП, 7ВП, 2ВМ4:

Name Brand
Refrigerator of the oil 71-10-6А
Refrigerator of the oil 291-7А-1
Intercooler 84-3
Intercooler 288-6Е
Intercooler 288-29
Aftercooler ХК-50 (ГК-63, МОХ 1)
Aftercooler МОХ
Aftercooler ГК-125
Aftercooler ХК-100
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХРК2 ГК-0,6-3-1,5-4Р
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХРК11 ГК-0,6-4-1,5-2Р
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХРК10 ГК-0,6-4-1,5-4Р
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХР28/2,5 ГК-0,6-7-1,5-2
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХРКЗ/25 ГК-1,0-2-1,5-2Р
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХРКЗ/40 ГК-1,0-2-1,5-2Р
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХРК9/8 ГК-1,0-4-1,5-2
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХРК9/25 ГК-1,0-4-1,5-2
Gas cooler (refrigerator) ХРД2 ХРД2 ГК-10-1-1,5