tarelchatklapan.pngPoppet valves are intended for air and gas compressors, the speed of which rotation of an elbowed shaft to 1000 turns/min., and a pressure drop – 20 MPas.

Poppet valves are made with flat or spherical plates. Spherical poppet valves differ in high density, durability and small sizes. They are applied mainly in high-pressure compressors and rather small efficiency.

The list of the delivered poppet valves

Name Name
К2.02.45.00 МК2.02.45.00
К2.02.46.00 МК2.02.46.00
К2.02.47.00 МК2.02.47.00
К2.02.48.00 МК2.02.48.00
СБ401-6-1 ТК18-1,9-0,275-00