Stop slats to PIK


The retaining strap is fixing the fastening element of  the valves seats between which the fixed plate ПИК.

When replacing the plates of the peak of the necessary retaining straps, they are made by cutting from the piece on the press and subsequent hardening in heat treatment furnaces.

Depending on the diameter of the valve ПИК for replacement must have a different number of locking bars.

Valves ПИК The number of locking bars in the valves ПИК
 Valves ПИК from110 до 180 (А, АМ, БМ) 4 pcs.
 Valves ПИК from 220 до 320 (А, АМ, АК, АТМ) 8 pcs.

The retaining strap can only be used once and after bending shall not extend beyond the outer diameter of the mounting rings. Ring fasteners shall not extend beyond the end surface of the valve. The retaining straps are made of steel Х40МШ.