Turbocompressors CZ Strakonice

We deliver turbocompressors of "CZ Strakonice" Czech Republic and accessories to them.

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Interchangeability of  turbocompressors  and turbocompressors  "CZ Strakonice"

Summary table of technical characteristics of the delivered compressors:

Turbocompressors Turbocompressors«CZ Strakonice» Application to engines on autotractor technique
ТКР 6-00.02, 
ТКР 6-01.01
Д-245.12С и modifications Д-245.2, Д245.5, Д245.5С ЗИЛ 4331/5301 (Бычок) МТЗ 890/895, 950/952, 1005/1025
ТКР 6.1-03.04 
ТКР 6.1-05-02 
ТКР 6.1-05.03 
ТКР 6.1-07.01
Д-245.9-540/568 Д-245.9-566 Д-245.7, Д-245.9
Onega tractor plant ЛАЗ, Аврора, МАЗ-4370 (Зубренок) Automobile ГАЗ Автобус ПАЗ 3202-70
ТКР 6.1-08.01 (ЕВРО-2) ТКР 6.1-09.03 (ЕВРО-2) ТКР 6.1-10.06 (ЕВРО-2) ТКР 6.1-12.07 (ЕВРО-2) С14-197-01 
Д245.9Е2 и modifications Д-245.7Е2 и modifications Д-245.7Е2-254 Д245.9Е2-311/227/259 ЗИЛ 5301 (Бычок) ГАЗ-3309, 33081 ГАЗ (Валдай) Automobile ЗИЛ
ТКР 6,5.1-09.03 (ЕВРО-3) ТКР 6,5.1-10.06 (ЕВРО-3) С14-179-01 
Д245.7Е3-1049 Д245.7Е3-1062 Automobile ГАЗ Automobile ГАЗ (Валдай)
ТКР 7-00.01 
ТКР 7-00.03
МТЗ 1221, Т-9017 Combine Гомсельмаш, loader Амкодор
ТКР 7Н-1Б К27-145-01 7403.040/7410.11-240 КамАЗ 53212, 54112 etc.
ТКР 7-01.05 К27-179-01 Д-440/442 (АМЗ) ДТ-120, ДТ-75ДК, Енисей-1200, ДОН
ТКР 7.1-00.01 К27-523-02 Д-260.5, Д-265 Bus Икарус
ТКР 9.2-01 К27-554-01 Д-262S2 Combine Гомсельмаш, tractor МТЗ

The advantages of a turbocharged engine.

A turbocharged engine is better because:

1. a small engine with a turbocharger will provide the power of a large one, and a large engine will become even more powerful (by 20-50%);

2. The internal combustion engine with TKR has a reduced emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere (since the turbocharger produces additional air into the engine, thereby the fuel combustion becomes more complete and waste-free);

3. an additional fuel economy of 5-20% is provided (the larger the engine volume, the higher the heat transfer and friction will be. Small engines with a turbocharger more efficiently convert the energy of the burned fuel into useful power, thereby increasing the efficiency);

4. An engine with an installed turbocharger loses less power and operates more stably when operating on terrain with high altitudes than its atmospheric counterpart;

5. The turbocharger itself acts as a silencer in the engine exhaust system.

Designers tirelessly continue to search for new solutions. Since the temperature of the exhaust gases of modern engines sometimes exceeds 1400 degrees, rotors are made of high-strength ceramics, heat-resistant and lightweight.

Installing a turbocharger.

Before installing the turbocharger, all transport plugs must be removed from the turbocharger. Carefully inspect the connection points of the turbocharger on the diesel engine, make sure that there are no foreign objects in the gas, air and oil channels.

We recommend installing the turbocharger at specialized repair companies licensed for this type of work. If you decide to install the turbocharger yourself, then the following conditions must be observed:

1.The turbocharger is connected to the exhaust manifold of the engine by the inlet flange of the turbine housing. When installing the turbocharger, keep the oil inlet and outlet flanges in a vertical position. Do not attempt to modify the design of the oil lines.

2. the design of the oil supply and drain to / from the bearing housing is carried out by the engine manufacturer so that it meets the technical conditions and ensures the correct operation of the TKR lubricant.

ATTENTION: Do not use sealing compounds!

3. Fill the turbocharger with oil by pouring 40 g of engine oil of the same grade used in the engine into the inlet flange of the bearing housing (oil inlet hole) in a continuous stream, then turn the rotor by hand after 3-4 minutes. Rotation of the rotor should be easy, without jamming.

4. Before installing the turbocharger on the engine, check that all lines (oil supply / drain, compressor and turbine inlet / outlet) are clean and free of any foreign matter.

5. after installation on a diesel engine, check the tightness of the air duct connections in front of and behind the turbocharger.

6. After installing the reconditioned (new) turbocharger, start the engine and let it run at 1000-1100 rpm for 15-20 minutes. The oil pressure must be at least 0.8 kg / cm 2. Check for oil leakage at the connections.

Вн. вид Name
turbokompressor_clip_image002.gif Turbocompressor 
Он же Turbocompressor 
turbokompressor_clip_image004.gif Turbocompressor Schwitzer (аналог ТКР 7С-6) на двигатель КамАЗ 740.30, 740.51, 740.13, 740.14 euro2
turbokompressor_clip_image006.gif Turbocompressor К27-115-01 К27-115-02 КАМАЗ 740.13; 740.14
Он же Turbocompressor К27-179,180-02 Д442-24И Д442ВИ
turbokompressor_clip_image008.gif Turbocompressor К27-25(31, 37, 44, 45, 46, 47)
turbokompressor_clip_image010.gif Turbocompressor К27-43-01
Он же Turbocompressor К27-47-01 Д150, Д150.1
turbokompressor_clip_image014.gif Turbocompressor К27-49-02 ЯМЗ-238БК
turbokompressor_clip_image016.gif Turbocompressor К27-61-01 Д260.5
Он же Turbocompressor К27-61-02 Д260.1, Д260.2, Д260.8
Он же Turbocompressor К27-61-03 Д260.6
Он же Turbocompressor К27-61-04 Д260.7
Он же Turbocompressor К27-61-05 Д260.9
Он же Turbocompressor К27-61-06 Д265
turbokompressor_clip_image018.gif Turbocompressor К27-94
Он же Turbocompressor К27-94-01 Д160, Д180
turbokompressor_clip_image020.gif Turbocompressor С12-184-01 ГАЗ-5601, ГАЗ-560
turbokompressor_clip_image022.gif Turbocompressor С12-192-01 ЗМЗ 514.10 ЗМЗ 5143
turbokompressor_clip_image024.gif Turbocompressor С14-174-01 Д245.9-540
turbokompressor_clip_image026.gif Turbocompressor С14-179-01 Д245.7-119
turbokompressor_clip_image028.gif Turbocompressor С14-194-01 Д245.7(9)
turbokompressor_clip_image030.gif Turbocompressor С14-196-01
Он же Turbocompressors серии K36 87-01 Двигатели ЯМЗ