The screw compressor received the name because of the rotating spiral rotors located in a housing of the compressor and which are carrying out immediate compression of the supplied gas. Thanks to a profile of rotors, screw installations at the same time carry out an absorption and compression of the given air. Possibility of change of a rotation frequency of rotors allows to regulate easily efficiency of compressor stations of this type.


1. The combined cooler - oil-air
2. Valve of minimum pressure
3. Secondary filter
4. Inhaler
5. An induction valve with electromagnetic management
6. Screw block
7. Oil separator
8.  Thermostat
9.  Oil filter
10. Electric motor
11. Receiver

Цветовые обозначения:

description_compressors_clip_image002.jpg- the soaked-up air

description_compressors_clip_image004.jpg- oil cold/hot

description_compressors_clip_blue.jpg- mix air/oil

description_compressors_clip_image008.jpg- compressed air