The mobile compressor station with the diesel drive on wheels. Its appointment: for construction and overhauling of buildings, constructions; road and excavation. 'ЗИФ ' brand compressors proved as reliable and unpretentious, possessing the raised work resource, with a short payback period of capital investments long ago (the compressor pays off in 18 days at the capacity of performed works from 1 million of rubles). compressor пксд<


At the request of the customer of station it is possible to complete with diesel engines of air or water cooling and to provide delivery without chassis. And the following mobile stations can be carried with good reason as to express, and common industrial. The matter is that they are created, on the one hand, especially for the fire and explosive works, with another – find application at repair of inventory in many industries. They are intended for division of air and receiving inert mix which basis is made by nitrogen.