shtok_215x260.pngRod – is the core of round section connecting the piston to a slider (cross-head) in piston cars (pumps, compressors, steam engines, some internal combustion engines, etc.) or in hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms of the drive of a headway. The rod is applied when both cavities of the cylinder are used (on that and other party of the piston). 

When using one cavity of the cylinder in the piston car the rod usually is absent and the rod joins immediately the piston. Not passing, or unilateral, the rod settles down on one party of the piston and is passed through one cover of the cylinder, the passing rod is passed through both covers of the cylinder for the purpose of the best direction of the heavy piston (in steam-engines) or connections of the second cylinder (in compressors). In headway hydraulic actuators the cylinder sometimes fastens to the relative frame part of the car (a table of the machine), and a rod — to a bed. Then through a rod oil in a cylinder cavity is brought. Diameter of a rod usually is defined by its durability, a rigidity and stability, but in a headway hydraulic actuator — sometimes the demanded ratio of speeds of forward and return motion at constant pumping capacity. 

The list of the made rods. On all made production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided:


Drawing designation Applicability
Rod 1 step 288-4А-0-1-01 2ВМ10-63/9, 4ВМ10-120/9
Rod 2 step 288-4А-0-1 2ВМ10-63/9, 4ВМ10-120/9
Rod 1 step 2П30-1-1 202ВП-10/8, 302ВП-10/8, ВП2-10/9
Rod 2 step 2П19-1-3 202ВП-10/8, 302ВП-10/8, ВП2-10/9, ВП2-10/9М
Rod 1 step ВП2-10/9М 1-6-2 ВП2-10/9М
Rod ВП-20/8М 6-1 ВП-20/8М, 103ВП-20/8, ВП3-20/9
Rod 1 step ИГШП 71.6733.003 2ВМ2,5-12/9
Rod 2 step ИГШП 71.6733.003-01 2ВМ2,5-12/9
Rod 1 step ИГШП 71.6733.003-02 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Rod 2 step ИГШП 71.6733.003-03 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Rod 1 step ИГШП 71.6733.003-04 2ВМ2,5-9/101М, 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Rod 2 step ИГШП 71.6733.003-05 2ВМ2,5-9/101М
Rod 3 step 2ВМ2,5-9/101М 2ВМ2,5-9/101М, 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Rod 3 step ИГШНП 71.6733.004-02 2ВМ2,5-9/101М
Rod 4 step ИГШП 71.6733.008 2ВМ2,5-9/101М
Rod 2-4 step ИГШП 71.6733.005-03 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Rod 5 step ИГШП 71.6733.007-01 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Rod 1 step 5П47-2.3 305ВП-30/8
Rod 2 step 5П30-2.3 305ВП-30/8
Rod 1 step 5П40-1.3 305ВП-20/35
Rod 2-3 step 105П50/15-2.5 305ВП-20/35
Rod 1-3 step, 2-4 step 105П50/15-2.5 305ВП-16/70
Rod 1-3 step 302П22/4-2.3 402ВП-4/220, 402ВП-4/400
Rod 2-4 step 2П16/5-2.3 402ВП-4/220
Rod 2-4 step 602П13/2-2.2 402ВП-4/440
Rod 1 step 4М42-10.2 2ВМ4-24/9
Rod 2 step 4М25-10.2 2ВМ4-24/9
Rod 1 step 204М42.01.00.001 2ВМ4-24/9С
Rod 2 step 204М42.01.00.001-01 2ВМ4-24/9С
Rod 1 step 104М45.01.00.002 2ВМ4-27/9
Rod 2 step 104М45.01.00.002-01 2ВМ4-27/9
Rod 1 step 10М45.01.00.002-04 2ВМ4-27/9С
Rod 2 step 104М45.01.00.002-05 2ВМ4-27/9С
Rod 1 step 4М36.01.00.003 2ВМ(ГМ)4-15/25
Rod 2 step 4М25/ 2ВМ(ГМ)4-15/25
Rod 1-2 step 4М25/ 2ВМ4-12/65
Rod 1 step 4М30/ 2ВМ-8/401
Rod 2-4 step 4М17/ 2ВМ-8/401
Rod 1 step 4М16/ 2ГМ4-1,3/12-250
Rod 2 step 4М10/ 2ГМ4-1,3/12-250
Rod 1 step 2УП04.002 2УП
Rod 2-3 step 2УП05.002 2УП
Rod 2-3 step ИГШП 71.6734.001 2УМ
Rod 1-2 step 3ГП-20/8 6Б-3 3ГП-20/8
Rod 1 step 3ГП-12/35 5Б-3 3ГП-12/35
Rod 2 step 3ГП-12/35 6Б-2 3ГП-12/35
Rod 3 step 3ГП-12/35 6Б-5 3ГП-12/35
Rod 1-3 step 3ГП-5/220 6-2 3ГП-5/220
Rod 5 step 3ГП-5/220 6-3 3ГП-5/220
Rod 2-4 step 3ГП-5/220 7-2 3ГП-5/220
Rod 3ГП-5/220 7-15 3ГП-5/220