We manufacture pistons, cylinders, bushings according to customer's drawings. All manufactured and supplied products are provided with a certificate of conformity, a quality certificate.

Piston_260x260.pngshema_porshen_190x180.pngPiston- a cylindrical part, reciprocating in a cylinder and serving to convert a change in gas, vapor or liquid pressure into mechanical work, or vice versa, reciprocating into a pressure change.

Piston subdivided into three parts with different functions:

• bottom

• capacitor part

• guide part (skirt). 

To transfer power from piston (or vice versa) you should use a stem that "connects" with a piston with a finger. Piston can be one-sided or two-sided. In the latter case Pistonhas two bottoms.

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Want to buy a piston? Take a look at our catalog with item numbers and make a pre-order! Experienced specialists of our company will professionally select for you the necessary equipment that meets the highest requirements.

Our product range includes: piston for compressors, piston for tension shoe and piston heads.

Upon your request, we will deliver the following spare parts in a short time, as well as consumables that are always in stock.

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Piston production

We offer customized pistons to meet the unique requirements of your engines. We develop pistons for a specific engine configuration, which allows us to take into account all design features at the design stage. If you are interested in making pistons for your engine, please contact us or fill out the form below for more information. We will be happy to offer you a piston option that will provide you with the exact parameters required for your project.

List of manufactured liners, cylinders:

Name Part designation Applicability
Piston 1 stage ф620 71-1-3 2ВМ10-50/9 , 4ВМ10-100/8
Piston 1 stage ф620 288-22-1 2ВМ10-63/9, 4ВМ10-120/9
Piston 1 stage ф370 71-1-2-1 2ВМ10-50/9 , 4ВМ10-100/8
Piston 2 stage
ф370 288-4А-1 2ВМ10-63/9, 4ВМ10-120/9
Piston  stage
ф210 51-3-1-1 4ВМ10-50/71
Piston 1,2  stage
Special vehicles ф880 43-3-1-3
ф600 89-1-2С
ф520 43-3-2-1
ф500 99-0-2
ф450 97-0-2
ф330 89-1-3В-1С
ф280 92-0-1А-1РП
Piston step 1 102П30-1Б СБ. 202ВП-10/8
Piston head 102П30-1Б-1 202ВП-10/8
Piston head 102П30-1Б-2 202ВП-10/8
Piston  1 step 932П30-1Б СБ. 302ВП-10/8
Piston head 932П30-1Б-1 302ВП-10/8
Piston head 932П30-1Б-2 302ВП-10/8
Piston  1 step СБ. 1-6А ВП2-10/9
Piston head 1-6А-1 ВП2-10/9
Piston head 1-6А-2 ВП2-10/9
Piston  1 step СБ. 1-6 ВП2-10/9М
Piston head 1-6-1 ВП2-10/9М
Piston head 1-6-2 ВП2-10/9М
Piston  1 step 932П30-1СБ. 302ВП-10/8
Piston  2 step 2П19-1СБ. 302ВП-10/8
Piston  2 step 2П19М-1СБ. 202ВП-10/8, 302ВП-10/8
Piston  2 step СБ. 1-7А ВП2-10/9М
Piston head 1-7А-1 ВП2-10/9М
Piston head 1-7А-2 ВП2-10/9М
Piston  2 step СБ. 7А ВП-20/8М, 103ВП-20/8
Piston head СБ. 7А-1 ВП-20/8М, 103ВП-20/8
Piston head СБ. 7А-2 ВП-20/8М, 103ВП-20/8
Piston  2 step СБ. 7Б ВП3-20/9
Piston head  7Б-1 ВП3-20/9
Piston head  7Б-2 ВП3-20/9
Piston  1 step СБ. 6Б ВП-20/8М, 103ВП-20/8, ВП3-20/9
Piston head  6Б-1 ВП-20/8М, 103ВП-20/8, ВП3-20/9
Piston head  6Б-2 ВП-20/8М, 103ВП-20/8, ВП3-20/9
Piston  1 step ИГШП 30.6741.015-01 2ВМ2,5-12/9
Piston head 1 step ИГШП 72.3597.001-02 2ВМ2,5-12/9
Piston head 1 step ИГШП 72.3597.001-03 2ВМ2,5-12/9
Piston (assembled) 1 step ИГШП 30.6741.015-02 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Piston head 1 step ИГШП 72.3597.001-04 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Piston head 1 step ИГШП 72.3597.001-05 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Piston (assembled) 2 step ИГШП 30.6741.018-01 2ВМ2,5-12/9
Piston (assembled) 2 step ИГШП 30.6741.018-02 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Piston head 2 step ИГШП 72.3597.002-01 2ВМ2,5-12/9, 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Piston head 2 step ИГШП 72.3597.002-01 2ВМ2,5-12/9
Piston head 2 step ИГШП 72.3597.002-02 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Piston (assembled) 1-3 step ИГШП 30.6571.008 2ВМ2,5-9/101М, 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Piston (assembled) 2 step ИГШП 30.6571.010 2ВМ2,5-9/101М, 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Piston 2 step ИГШП 72.3595.015 2ВМ2,5-9/101М
Piston (assembled) 4 step ИГШП 30.6571.016 2ВМ2,5-9/101М
Piston (assembled) 1-3 step ИГШП 30.6571.008-01 2ВМ2,5-9/101М
Piston head 1 step ИГШП 72.3595.008 2ВМ2,5-9/101М, 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Piston 3 step ИГШП 72.3595.016 2ВМ2,5-9/101М, 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Piston (assembled) 2-4 step ИГШП 30.6571.015-01 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Piston 2 step ИГШП 72.3595.017-01 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Piston 4 step ИГШП 72.3595.019-02 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Piston 5 step ИГШП 30.6571.018 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Piston (assembled) 1 step 5П47-2СБ. 305ВП-30/8
Piston 1 step (2 halves) 5П47-2.1 305ВП-30/8
Piston (assembled) 2 step 105П30-2СБ. 305ВП-30/8
Piston 2 step (2 halves) 105П30-2.1 305ВП-30/8
Piston (assembled) 1 step 5П40-1СБ. 305ВП-20/35
Piston 1 step 5П40-1.1 305ВП-20/35
Piston (assembled) 2 step 105П27/10-2СБ. 305ВП-20/35
Piston 2 step 105П27/10-2.1 305ВП-20/35
Piston 3 step 5П27/14-2.1СБ. 305ВП-20/35
Piston (assembled) 1-3 step 105П50/15-2СБ. 305ВП-16/70
Piston 1 step 105П50/15-2.1 305ВП-16/70
Piston 3 step 105П50/15-2.3 305ВП-16/70
Piston (assembled) 2-4 step 105П27/10-2СБ. 305ВП-16/70
Piston 2 step 105П27/10-2.1 305ВП-16/70
Piston 4 step 105П27/10-2.3 305ВП-16/70
Piston (assembled) 1-3-5 step 202П22/3-2СБ. 402ВП-4/220
Piston (assembled) 1-3-5 step 202П22/3-2-01СБ. 402ВП-4/220
Piston 1-3 step 302П22/4-2.1 402ВП-4/220, 402ВП-4/400
Piston 1-3 step УК1.01.02.028 402ВП-4/220
Piston (assembled) 2-4 step 102П16/5-2СБ. 402ВП-4/220
Piston 2 step 2П16/5-2.1 402ВП-4/220
Piston 4 step 102П16/5-2.2 402ВП-4/220
Piston 5 step 202П22/3-2.1 402ВП-4/220
Piston (assembled) 1-3-5 step 302П22/4-2.1 402ВП-4/400
Piston 1-3 step 302П22/4-2.2 402ВП-4/400
Piston 5 step 302П22/4-2.2 402ВП-4/400
Piston (assembled) 2-4-6 step 302П22/4-2СБ. 402ВП-4/400
Piston 2-4 step 602П13/2-2.1 402ВП-4/400
Piston 5 step 602П13/2-2.3 402ВП-4/400
Piston (assembled) 1 step 4М42-10СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9
Piston 1 step 4М42-10.1СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9
Piston (assembled) 2 step 4М25-10СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9
Piston 2 step 4М25-10.1 2ВМ4-24/9
Piston 45 (assembled) 1 step 306.571.001СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9
Piston 45 1 step 723.595.001 2ВМ4-24/9
Piston 25 (assembled) 2 step 306.571.002СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9
Piston 25 2 step 723.595.012 2ВМ4-24/9
Piston (assembled) 1 step 204М42.01.00.000СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9С
Piston 1 step 204М42.01.01.000СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9С
Piston (assembled) 2 step 204М25.01.00.000СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9С
Piston 2 step 204М25.01.00.001 2ВМ4-24/9С
Piston 45С (assembled) 1 step 30.6571.007-01СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9С
Piston 45С 1 step 723.595.003 2ВМ4-24/9С
Piston 25С (assembled) 2 step 30.6571.008-01СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9С
Piston 25 2 step 723.595.004 2ВМ4-24/9С
Piston 1 step 4М42/СБ. 2ВМ4-12/65
Piston 2 step 4М25/ 2ВМ4-12/65
Piston 3 step 4М42/СБ. 2ВМ4-12/65
Piston 4 step 4М25/ 2ВМ4-12/65
Piston 1 step 4М30/5.01.000СБ. 2ВМ4-8/401
Piston 2-4 step 4М17/ 2ВМ4-8/401
Piston 3 step 4М30/СБ. 2ВМ4-8/401
Piston 5 step 104М30/ 2ВМ4-8/401
Piston 6 step 104М17/ 2ВМ4-8/401
Piston 1 step 4М36.01.01.000СБ. 2ВМ(ГМ)4-15/25
Piston 2 step 4М25/ 2ВМ(ГМ)4-15/25
Piston 3 step 4М25/СБ. 2ВМ(ГМ)4-15/25
Piston 1-3 step 4М16/СБ. 2ГМ4-1,3/1,2-250
Piston 1 step 4М16/ 2ГМ4-1,3/1,2-250
Piston 3 step 4М16/ 2ГМ4-1,3/1,2-250
Piston 2-4 step 4М10/СБ. 2ГМ4-1,3/1,2-250
Piston 2 step 4М10/ 2ГМ4-1,3/1,2-250
Piston 4 step 104М10/4.01.002 2ГМ4-1,3/1,2-250
Piston (assembled) 1 step 2УП04.000 2УП
Piston head 1 step 2УП04.001 2УП
Piston (assembled) 2-3 step 2УП05.000 2УП
Piston head 2-3 step 2УП05.001 2УП
Piston (assembled) 1 step ИГШП 30.6571.023 2УП
Piston head 1 step ИГШП 72.3597.010 2УП
Piston head 1 step ИГШП 72.3597.011 2УП
Piston (assembled) 2-3 step ИГШП 30.6571.022 2УП
Piston 2-3 step ИГШП 72.3595.023 2УП
Piston (assembled) 1 step 3ГП-20/8СБ. 6Б 3ГП-20/8
Piston head 1 step 3ГП-20/8 6Б-1 3ГП-20/8
Piston (assembled) 2 step 3ГП-20/8
Piston 2 step 7Б-1 3ГП-20/8
Piston (assembled) 1 step 3ГП-12/35
Piston head 1 step 5Б-1 3ГП-12/35
Piston (assembled) 2-3 step 3ГП-12/35
Piston 2 step 6Б-1 3ГП-12/35
Piston 3 step 6А-2 3ГП-12/35
Piston (assembled) 1-3-5 step 6 3ГП-5/220
Piston 1-3 step 6-1 3ГП-5/220
Piston 5 step 6-1 3ГП-5/220
Piston (assembled) 2-4-6 step 7 3ГП-5/220
Piston 2-4 step 7-1 3ГП-5/220
Piston 6 step 7-1 3ГП-5/220
Piston (assembled) 1-3-5 step СБ. 6 2ГП-2/220М
Piston 1-3 step СБ. 6-1 2ГП-2/220М
Piston 5 step 6-1 2ГП-2/220М
Piston (assembled) 2-4-6 step СБ. 7 2ГП-2/220М
Piston 2-4 step 7-1 2ГП-2/220М
Piston 6 step 7-2 2ГП-2/220М