Sleeve, cylinder for compressors

We make sleeves, cylinders according to drawings of the customer. On all made and delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.

barrel_cylinder_325x200.pngThe sleeve – is a detail of the technical device, shaped tubes, cylinder. The cylinder is meant as the direct circular cylinder at which directing — the circle and the bases are perpendicular the forming. Such cylinder has an axis of symmetry.

The cylinder serves for fastening in it of a sleeve on which the piston in a corollary of that in turn goes pressure is created.

The list of the made sleeves, cylinders:

NameDrawing designationApplication in the compressor
Sleeve 1 st.ИГШП 71.1642.001-02ВП2-10/9М, 2ВМ2,5-12/9, 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Sleeve 1 st.ИГШП 71.4652.0022ВМ2,5-9/101М, 2ВМ2,5-5/221
Sleeve 2 st.ИГШП 71.4652.0032ВМ2,5-9/101М
Sleeve 2 st.ИГШП 71.3642.001-022ВМ2,5-12/9, 2ВМ2,5-14/9
Sleeve 2 st.ИГШП 71.4642.002-012ВМ2,5-5/221
Втулка 4 st.ИГШП 30.4142.0012ВМ2,5-9/101М
Втулка 5 st.ИГШП 30.4142.0022ВМ2,5-5/221
Втулка 6 st.5-1-23ГП-5/220
Sleeve 1 st.УК1.02.004402ВП-4/220
Sleeve 1 st.102П22/3-440ВП-4/220, 402ВП-4/400
Sleeve 2 st.102П16/5-3402ВП-4/220
Sleeve 4 st.2П16/5-1СБ.402ВП-4/220
Sleeve 5 st.2П22/3-1СБ.402ВП-4/220
Sleeve (cross-head)5П-1-2305ВП-30/8, 305ВП-16/70, 305ВП-20/35
Sleeve 1 st.5П47-2305ВП-30/8
Sleeve 2 st.105П30-2305ВП-30/8
Sleeve 1 st.5П40-3305ВП-20/35
Sleeve 2 st.105П27/10-3305ВП-20/35
Sleeve 3 st.5П27/14-2305ВП-20/35
Sleeve 1 st.205П50/15-3305ВП-16/70
Sleeve 2 st.105П27/10-3305ВП-16/70
Sleeve 3 st.105П50/15-4305ВП-16/70
Sleeve 4 st.105П27/10-4305ВП-16/70
Sleeve (cross-head)4М12(for cast iron crosshead)2ВМ4-24/9, 2ВМ4-27/9
Sleeve (cross-head)104М12(for aluminum crosshead)2ВМ4-24/9, 2ВМ4-27/9, 2ВМ4-12/65
Sleeve 1 st.4М42-32ВМ4-24/9, 2ВМ4-12/65
Sleeve 2 ст4М25-32ВМ4-24/9, 2ВМ4-12/65
Sleeve 1 st.204М42.00.00.0032ВМ4-24/9С, 2ГМ4-24/9С
Sleeve 2 ст204М25.00.00.0032ВМ4-24/9С, 2ГМ4-24/9С
Sleeve 1 st.713.642.0012ВМ4-27/9
Sleeve 2 ст713.642.0022ВМ4-27/9
Sleeve 1 st.713.642.001-012ВМ4-27/9С
Sleeve 2 ст713.642.002-012ВМ4-27/9С
Sleeve 3 st.4М42/ВМ4-12/65
Sleeve 4 st.4М25/ВМ4-12/65
Sleeve 2 st.4М17/ВМ4-8/401
Sleeve 4 st.4М17/ВМ4-8/401
Sleeve 5 st.4М30/ВМ4-8/401
Sleeve 6 st.4М17/ВМ4-8/401
Sleeve 1 st.4М16/ГМ4-1,3/12-250
Sleeve 2 st.4М10/ГМ4-1,3/12-250
Sleeve 3 ст4М16/ГМ4-1,3/12-250
Sleeve 4 st.4М10/ГМ4-1,3/12-250
Sleeve 2 st.2П13/2-2402ВП-4/400
Sleeve 5 st.2П22/4-1СБ.402ВП-4/400
Sleeve 6 st.302П13/2-1СБ.402ВП-4/400
Sleeve 1 ст104М36.00.00.0032ВМ4-15/25СМ1
Sleeve 2 st.204М25.00.00.0032ВМ4-15/25СМ1
Sleeve 3 st.104М25/ВМ4-15/25СМ1
Sleeve 1 ст4М36.00.00.0032ГМ4-15/25, 2ВМ4-15/25
Sleeve 3 st. Plug4М25/ 229-5-0-12ГМ4-15/25
Plug ф370288-20-0-14ВМ10-120/9
Plug 1. st.288-22ВМ10-63/9