Cross-head, slider

On all made production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.

kreckopf_217x260.pngCross-head, slider – a detail crank-slider  mechanism, reciprocating on fixed directing.

The cross-head is intended for connection of the piston and a rod in the  cross-head mechanism. Thus the piston is rigidly bound to a cross-head by means of a rod. Such joint allows to unload the piston from the normal force as its action is in that case transferred to a cross-head. Such scheme of connection allows to create the second working cavity in the cylinder under the piston. Thus the rod passes through an epiploon in the lower cover of the cylinder which provides necessary leakproofness.

The cross-head – is a responsible element of any compressor since on it concentrates and distributed Olisova force. 

The list of the made cross-heads:

Name Drawing designation
Cross-head Н466-2-1
Cross-head Н266-2-1
Cross-head 104М-3.0СБ
Cross-head 202П-3 сб.
Cross-head 104М-3.1
Cross-head 204М-3.0СБ
Cross-head 304М-3.0-01СБ
Cross-head 304М-3.1
Cross-head 305П-ЗСБ
Cross-head 405П-3.3
Cross-head 4М-ЗСБ
Cross-head 502П-3.1
Cross-head 502П-ЗСБ

Cross-head schema