Elbowed shaft of the compressor.

We make elbowed shaft according to drawings of the customer. On all made and delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.

The elbowed shaf – the detail (or knot of details in case of a compound shaft) the composite form having necks for fastening of rods from which perceives efforts and will transform them to a torque.

kolenval_250x120.pngElbowed shaft produce from carbonaceous, chrome and manganese, chrome-nickel molybdenic, and others staly, and also from express high-strength cast irons. The greatest application is found, steel of brands 45, 45Х, 45Г2, 50Г, and for hard loaded elbowed shaft —40ХНМА, 18ХНВА etc.

Preparations of steel elbowed shaft of the average sizes in large-lot and quantity production produce forging in the closed stamps on hammers or the presses thus process of receiving preparation passes some operations.

In connection with the high requirements of mechanical strength of a shaft the arrangement of fibers of material when receiving preparation in order to avoid their cutting at the subsequent machining is of great importance. For this purpose apply stamps with express bending streams.

Complexity of a design form of an elbowed shaft, its poor rigidity, high requirements to accuracy of the processed surfaces cause special requirements to a choice of methods of basing, fixing and processing of a shaft, and also sequence, a combination of operations to an inventory choice. The bases for an elbowed shaft are bearing areas of radical necks. However not on all operations of processing it is possible to use them as the technological. Therefore in certain cases as technological bases choose surfaces of center openings.

The list of the made elbowed shaft:

NameDrawing designation
Shaft elbowed70-1-0-1А
Shaft elbowed85-1-0-1
Shaft elbowed104М-2.0СБ
Shaft elbowed304М-2.0-01СБ
Shaft elbowed304М-2.1
Shaft elbowed502П-2.1
Shaft elbowed502П-2СБ
Shaft elbowed805П-2.1
Shaft elbowed805П-2СБ
Shaft elbowed905П-2.1
Shaft elbowed905П-2СБ
Shaft elbowedСД1.01.01.320СБ
Shaft elbowedЭ-104М-2-97СБ
Shaft elbowedЭ-4М-2.1
Shaft elbowedЭ-502П-2-97СБ
Shaft elbowedЭ-905П-2-97СБ
Shaft elbowedЭСД1.01.01.020СБ