We make rods according to drawings of the customer. On all made and delivered production the certificate of conformity, the quality certificate is provided.


Connecting rod - Rod - the detail of the crank-connecting rod mechanism connecting the piston reciprocating with an elbowed shaft (or a crank) making rotary movement.

The list of the delivered rods for compressors:

Name Drawing designation Applicability
Connecting rod Н 265-2-1 2ВМ10-63/9, 4ВМ10-120/9
Connecting rod 202П-4А СБ. 202ВП-10/8, 302ВП-10/8, ВП2-10/9, ВП2-10/9М, 2ГП-2/220М, 2УП
Connecting rod 302П-4СБ. 302ВП-10/8, 402ВП-4/220, 402ВП-4/400
Connecting rod ВП-20/8М СБ. 1-5 ВП-20/8М, 103ВП-20/8
Connecting rod ВП-20/8М СБ. 1-5А 103ВП-20/8, ВП3-20/9, 3ГП-20/8, 3ГП-12/35, 3ГП-5/220
Connecting rod ИГШП 30.4512.002 2ВМ2,5-12/9 (14/9), 2ВМ2,5-5/221, 2ВМ2,5-9/101М (9/220), 2УМ
Connecting rod ИГШП 30.4512.003 4ВМ2,5-10/220
Connecting rod ВП/50/8 10-00 7ВП-20/220
Connecting rod 405П-4 СБ. 305ВП-30/8, 305ВП-20/35, 305ВП-16/70
Connecting rod 204М-4.0-01 СБ. 2ВМ4-24/9, 2ВМ4-27/9, 2ВМ4-24/9С, 2ВМ4-27/9С