Piston, screw  compressors Abac


Company "Compressor Technology" delivers compressors and spare parts. The plant was founded in Italy in 1948. Today the equipment Abac is made at the plants located not only in Italy – the enterprises for release of compressors of the company are available in Germany, the USA, the countries of South-East Asia.

Abac is right call one of the leaders in the field of manufacture of equipment for production of compressed air. The main characteristics of compressors which are made at the plants of this brand – reliability, safety, efficiency , longevity. The huge attention is paid to careful quality control thanks to which to consumers receive only proven equipment that can cope with the tasks put before him.

The nomenclature of the released Abac compressors:

Series Genesis:

model   Efficiency, l/min Volume of receiver, lPower, kWHDimensions, mWeight, kg
8 bar10 bar13 bar
Abac Genesis 5.58206705202705,51.2x0.7x1.9330
Abac Genesis 7.5115310008102707,51.2x0.7x1.9335
Abac Genesis 11166514351210270111.2x0.7x1.9355
  Abac Genesis 15/55 198517711480270151.2x0.7x1.9380
Abac Genesis 15/77221820201538270151.2x0.7x1.9410
Abac Genesis 18276725672017500182.0x0.8x1.9638
Abac Genesis 22341730172417500222.0x0.8x1.9654



Pressure, bar.Efficiency, l/minDrive power, kWHTension.V Tension.V
FORMULA 5.58/10/13820/670/5205,5380255
FORMULA 7.58/10/131153/1000/8107,5380260
FORMULA 118/10/131650/1435/121011380280
FORMULA 15/558/10/131985/1771/148015380305
FORMULA 15/778/10/132218/2020/153815380335
FORMULA 18,58/10/132767/2567/201718,5380395
FORMULA 228/10/133417/3017/241722380411
FORMULA 308/10/133783/3367/283330380439
FORMULA 308/104608/4062 30 380 790
FORMULA 378/105664/490837380800
FORMULA 458/106738/592845380850
FORMULA 558/108994/7902553801200
FORMULA 758/1012066/10782753801280
FORMULA. Е 5.58/10/13820/670/5205,5380285
FORMULA. Е 7.58/10/131153/1000/8107,5380290
FORMULA. Е 118/10/131665/1435/121011380310
FORMULA. Е 15/558/10/131985/1771/148015380318
FORMULA. Е 15/77 8/10/132218/2020/153815380365
FORMULA. Е 18,58/10/132768/2568/201718,5380468
FORMULA. Е 228/10/133417/3017/251722380484